Salesforce Lightning Compact Styler

Salesforce Lightning Compact Styler

Salesforce Lightning Compact Styler is a browser extension for Salesforce Lightning users to make the Lightning more compact.

When Salesforce Lightning was introduced, I was excited. I started working with Salesforce only less than a year before, and I thought nothing good about the Classic UI. Even the speed wasn't that good for such UI. Then I watched Lightning announcement at Dreamforce, and I was immediately looking forward to my first project where I will implement Lightning. That project finally came in April 2017. I realized that Lightning has still vast space for improvement but from a design point of view to me it was a massive leap from Classic UI. I couldn't do much for Lightning performance, but I thought I could improve the design little bit. So I started working on this extension as my first coding project. It makes my Lightning experience even better, and I hope it does the same for you.

The extension is mainly about making the Lightning UI more compact and adding few small style upgrades here and there. The options are there for you to turn on and off different style changes, so you don't have to apply all of them necessarily.

This is my first and coding experience and all is done mainly with my super-google-programming skills and help of friends. I will add a link to a git repo, so you can suggest any coding improvements you could think off.

Change Log


  • Add Product modal (and probably other modals) is now more compact.
  • Celebrating more than 300 daily users!


  • Tabs highlight
  • Inline fields now more readable using background change on hover


  • Release of Firefox Version


  • Fix of highlight bar checkbox
  • Added Donate and Rate us buttons
  • Added short survey after removing the extension


  • Options updated – dependent checkboxes (thanks, Matej)
  • Highlight bar made more compact


  • News cards made compact
  • Activity component takes a bit less space.
  • Also, tabs on a page are tiny bit more compact.
  • Related lists are not taking half of the screen anymore.


  • Options are now available also in popup


  • Split different stylings to separate options so you can turn them on and off as you like.
  • Options are getting new shape.


  • First release of Chrome extension. Ever.
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